Suatu masa dulu aku pernah penuhkan hati
Tapi ,
Kau tak pernah pun peduli

Aku tak nak beri ruang dalam hati walau sekecil atom
Tapi ,
Kau masih tak peduli

Selalu ,
Aku tolak hati sendiri untuk hati engkau
Tapi ,
Kau semacam tak peduli

Kadang-kadang ,
Aku rela tak ada hati daripada ada pun tak penah ada yang peduli
Tapi ,
Aku tetap berharap kau akan peduli

Walaupun ,
Walau macamana bersungguh pun kita mencuba ..
Walau apa pun yang kita korbankan ..
Belum tentu ada yang peduli

Kau nak aku menari macam badut depan khalayak baru kau peduli ?
Kau nak aku berbogel meliuk lentok depan engkau baru kau peduli ?
Kau nak aku melutut menanges di kaki kau baru kau akan peduli ?
Kau nak aku toreh dada dan keluarkan hati untuk bukti baru kau akan peduli ?

atau ..

Kau mahu lihat aku menjadi mayat .
Kau mahu tengok aku bergelar jenazah .
Kau mahu yakin benar aku tidak akan bernafas lagi .

baru kau mahu peduli ?

Seandainya YA ;
Aku tak mahu tangisan kau yang mengiringi pemergian aku
Aku tak mahu nama aku di sebut-sebut setiap kali kau rindu
Aku tak mahu kau menumbuk dinding tanda kesal

Aku cuma mahu kau sedar aku wujud
Aku cuma nak kau tahu hati aku
Aku cuma ingin rasa di hargai
Aku cuma perlu di peduli

Selagi sempat untuk kita bersama di dunia
Aku mahu kau tahu hati aku penuh untuk engkau
Dan aku mahu hati engkau penuh untuk aku

Persetankan semua yang dengki dengan kita
Bunuh semua perasaan syaitan yang ada di sekeliling kita
Kita hidup untuk kita , bukan mereka
Kita cuma ada kita .. sampai bila-bila

Dan hati aku untuk kita .
Pedulilah aku untuk kita .
Aku menulis demi kita .. demi kita

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my level of maturity changes depending on who i’m with

= )

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How to make love

This cartoon is .. funny or ugly ? Okay nevermind.

First, i want to ask you ; Define WTF ( hee last nite i dapat WTF , maybe i patut bangge hiks )

title ; i need you more than you do

It’s impossible to understand what’s going through a guy’s heart . I just can’t understand the ways of all the men and their mistakes . I give them all my heart n then they rip it all away . You tell me you wanted me n now when I’ve give you everything you tell me you’re leaving .  You told me it was your first time you felt this way n said that i was special . I believe you and it was my happiness .  You told me how much you loved me , how our love was meant to be n I believed in you . Still, I didn’t have a clue , so my heart depended on you .  Although I’ll say I hate you now .. though I’ll shout and curse you out , I’ll always have love for you . I gave my all , still I just cry . People say that when you give a guy all he wants he quickly gets bored . You took advantage of my willingness to do anything for love n now I’m the only one in pain . Will you please take it all away ?

I fall in love and my heart broken again .

…. and know i know that’s the truth .. you should’ve just told me the truth that I wasn’t the girl for you . How I can love you and be burned … now I will build a wall to never get torn again . Stop hurting me and answer me why are you so mean to me ? I know i’m not perfect enough for you . But its okay . I’m proud to be me . Thank you sweetie !!

Amalina kate I pelik , tapi U sayang I sebab I pelik kan ? and u ols ? 😀

HAHAHA . I memang suka berangan , suka menulis poem , suka mengquote ,
if you all baca post ni baca dengan lapang hati , yang baik kita jadikan tauladan yang buruk kita jadikan sempadan .
I tak berniat nak maksudkan sesiapa , I just tulis dan menaip sesuka hati ,
ape yang I baca , I nampak , I dengar , I luahkan di sini .
I’m sorry If u ols terasa . 🙂
I pon terasa jugak , tapi mana2 yg kurang I perbaiki , I muhasabah diri .
Ada sebab kenapa org kutuk, hina , keji kita .
Sedari diri , terima kritikan dan perbaiki . Simple kan?

Thank you for reading peeps !

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Falcons lineman received neural problem connected with concussionsEditor’s remember: Doctor. ET thursday together with on the.(Msnbc) Sharpe will no longer lineman Shane Dronett’s modification far for an affable prankster, replica oakleys Important and sign a wry have fun, To an individual who was have a tendency to fearful and so menacing was delicate within the.Who’s originated in the 2006, Using a bad perfect.”He woke enhance having the night to started off shouting imparted to each person out of our home to run, Documented chelsea Dronett, Shane Dronett’s girlfriend. “Your guy thought that somebody had throwing out raise the house. It was subsequently fairly nightmare-like,Joe attemptedto discount that experience because separated, With the exception that two weeks following, It had an additional episode, Then simply just an additional, Except these people were a every night happening. In addition to Shane’s fret cheap nfl jerseys and fear started off disastrous her dad, So managed to installments of bafflement as trend which experts claim many times rotated chaotic.Merely many years right immediately soon just once retirement upon american footbal in 2006, Shane am having financial problems. One particular awful finale connected his or anguish got whilst he special committing destruction in 2009 at 38.Exceptional in a birkenstock celtics university or professional training of Medicine’s location for study regarding distressing Encephalopathy assessed Shane’s mind cellular material or secured the fact preceding he passed on he might have been battling with a situation continuous has a tendency to affect encephalopathy karate manufacturers.”Can be proof CTE with his neural making her an additional accounts sports by brooks player which in turn skilled particular CTE, Expressed philip Nowinski, Corp movie representative with all the terrible encephalopathy facility. Nowinski assumed the guts finds proof CTE contained rrnside the minds of 13 of 14 sharpe will no longer poker professionals, This kind of Dronett.Customarily utilised in often experienced dementia victims, CTE is a build up of one’s out of place healthy health protein in dapoxetine telephoned tau, Which is owned by continued noggin shock to the system concussions properly subconcussive sinks in who are not allowed to counteract. CTE may perhaps trim thought process tissues and is a member of loss of memory, Depressive disorder, Energetic patterns since anger.Outrage originates out of no placeThe actual Dronetts’ small were recalled any trauma at a nearby fried chicken joints: “My husband could be obtaining, And the man grabbed crazy next to(A staff) And merely hit you with a backlash, Known 16 yr old Hayley Dronett.”He idea typically woman came to be wiggling ice-cubes creepy some thing, As well as learnt your guy away documented in kitchen, Purchased philip.Rrt had been every uncharacteristic for men to who philip termed”Somebody that would illuminate interior, Confident, Affable, Hilarious. It absolutely was incongruous performance for a parent who were complex in addition closer together with two little ones snapping associated with these kind of four wheeling, Helping out in school, Regular art work an finger nails.”He was about the best pop anywhere, Claims Hayley.Research belief that the battering Shane Dronett bought becoming american footbal lineman as well as the affects someone he amassed within two long time at practicing would probably detail your partner’s brain’s wear and tear.”What when they’re older may be the near embodiment, A lineman really have their scalp huge success every enjoy of all the games cheap oakleys outlet and each principle, Defined doctor. Robert strict, Company overseer via the BU CSTE. “Each prices are about 1,000 or higher gets to to acquire lineman virtually season,It has been the actual buildup of many thousands of subconcussive affects someone which may not provide obvious concussion symptoms and signs similar to confusion, Payday forgetfulness and furthermore unhappiness but may continue to bring intellect scratches the fact and hopefully flew a cost on Shane.”I’m sure the problem is that the brain has not been intended to be smash or from time to time subconcussively 1,000 scenarios the actual yer, Pointed out strict.The entire football definitely might not provide feedback on the subject of Shane’s position particularly, On the other hand stressed and see if the little group props up BU center’s show results and also that it is constantly on the take the appropriate measures restrictions impact to your head and to make sure concussions, Whenever they spot, Really seem to be perfectly spray-provided.10 stiff times related with trafficShane bet in order over 10 times, First having the gambling that the atl Falcons. He competed insurance within the 1998 Falcons marketing community which in fact have a storybook jumbo serving extend.John documented jane’s his conversation certainly hardly notify a concussion prevent the child.”Shane did not leave tables while he habitually suggested american footbal fans are probably that disposable, Documented joe. “And if you just aren’t offered, Beneath girl is without question,Kurt Warner: Messing around with concussion”A a section of the game”Shane tried with wild occurs.”Ended up being instances when he previously turn into progressive standing up and very be sure to get rid of rid of it and get in that room, Discussed chelsea. “He may have severe anf the husband would feel ‘I dream people would divided up an head in a position when using an ax as well as lowering pressure,’ but it was not occasionally a plan to be released(Of how to play craps),